BABYLON SWIM was designed for and inspired by the world traveller. She is constantly seeking to get away, sinking her toes into a white sand beach, cliff jumping into a refreshing  swimming hole or sailing into the horizon with nowhere else to be.

With minimalist designs and complimentary colours, we strive to give you the confident, effortless look wherever the wind takes you. Our goal is to provide value through a balance of style, quality and affordability.

Babylon Swim is a Canadian-based swimwear label, founded by Donna Thurber, who was born and raised in the beautiful pacific west coast city of Vancouver, BC. Donna was inspired by her travels over the the last several years as she explored more than 100 cities in over 35 countries in her ongoing quest to experience all that the world has to offer.

Donna’s love of travel is coupled with a keen entrepreneurial spirit. After living in London for over 4 years, Donna moved back home and with her life continuing to take her far and wide, she realized how difficult it was to find sexy, high quality yet affordable swimsuits year-round in Vancouver. She also found that a lot of swimwear labels were international, which meant shipping times were often variable and almost never made it in time for her trips.

If you need a staple swimsuit that’s trendy and sexy (not to mention, to be delivered within days), you might find something here! Happy shopping 🙂

Yours truly,

Babylon Swim

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